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Afroditi Hera

Afroditi Hera was born in Cyprus, she studied economics and business administration in Athens. But her passion for fashion and an undisputed talent, soon led her to leave the numbers and engage in fashion design with excellent results: From the beginning, Afroditi’s creations are not just clothes, but true works of art in many cases, anticipate trends, reflecting the ability of the designer to create without prejudice, simply leaving free her creativity. She loves leather, which is transformed in her hands, is forged, it softens into creations with an unmistakable allure. Afroditi Hera brand was born , and soon crossed the borders of Cyprus to land in Milan, on Via della Spiga, at the display windows of DAAD Dantone. But the creations of Afroditi Hera have won also Harvey Nichols Riyad, Penelope Brescia, TAK Lebanon, Al Fatina Group Kwait, Byba Monte Carlo, Mardille Athens, La Boutique Mykonos, Madamme a Suivre Cannes, Bloomingdales (Dubai), Bugatti (Dubai), De Lis (Bahrain).. An important milestone in her career has been her participation in the L’ Oreal Centenary celebrations during the Inspiration Paris show, held at the Zenith stadium on the 8th of June 2009. Afroditi was entrusted by L’Oreal to design an entire collection, exclusively for the show, which complimented impressively the overall performance. The show was attended by an audience of 5,000 representing 45 countries in the word. The designer involved in the fashion world’s most important events – like White in Milan and Tranoi in Paris – and is one of the hottest names during the Cyprus Fashion Week.